Entrepreneur, international yoga teacher and holds a bachelor degree

I was born in Stockholm, Södermalm grew up in Viksjö, Järfälla northen part of Stockholm. But i´m orginally from Storvreten in Botkyrka we moved from there when i was 10 years old. Today i live in Stockholm.


I hold a Bachelor degree in social science (behavioural science) major in education from Stockholm University 1999. I have also studied anatomy, sports medicine at Umeå University and English at USIU 1992 in San Diego, USA.


For 15 years i have worked as a group fitness instructor (freestyle) i had 1-3 classes a week and i´m S.A.F.E certified. For instance i have taught at the World Class chain from late 1995 to 2000 (not Jakobsberg and Hägersten). From 2004-08 i had classes at Eriksson, St. Görans hospital, the Swedish tax Agency, the Swedish parliament and the goverment offices of Sweden etc. I have also worked as a sports teacher and support teacher for instance in english for 7 years.


Today i work as a wellness coach and cooperate with an american company in Los Angeles, USA. Well i have taken a timeout. I am working on few other projects right now. Also, i ´ll eventually continue to teach groups but in a different environment than before.


I have worked and lived in countries like Norway, Finland, Spain, England, Iceland and USA. In USA i worked as a co-leader for a TLS program at YMCA, MA. I and a malecolleage led and trained 12 american teenages (one from Spain). We rode with bikes through the states Massachusetts, Vermont and New York in one month. Hard work 24/7 but fun aswell. Swedish is my native language, i also speak english, finnish fluently, spanish fairly good, little french and i understand norwegian.


Always been interested in society issues and i used to be active in Amnesty international. My entire life i have done sports like soccer, track and field and material arts etc. Also taken dans classes for 6 years at the dans and balletacademy in Stockholm. In my spear time today i go to the gym, i like moutainbiking, i run, i do yoga and meditation. I love to travel and good food. Also, i love to learn new things.